The first Microsoft Flight Simulator in many years is coming out tomorrow, and as is traditional with them it sets new performance hardware requirement landmarks. It's super demanding and very hardware hungry, gobbling up almost any amount of GPU VRAM or system RAM it can get its hands on and even processors are also getting pushed to their limits. The hardware bottlenecks could come from anywhere in your gaming PC. Even the top end graphics cards struggle to maintain a steady frame rate around cities and other busy areas.

However, whilst the game is not yet out, Nvidia has already brought out a new GeForce game ready driver to prepare everyone. We’ve also had our hands on the game for a little bit now and have been experiencing some low frame rates even on some powerful graphics cards, so we will be performing some before and after benchmarks shortly.

It’s no surprise that MS Flight Sim 2020 is a very demanding game, just looking at these screenshots and of course those pretty beefy system requirements tell you all there is to know. However, in our Microsoft Flight Simulator PC performance benchmarks article, even our RTX 2080 was just barely able to break 30fps on Ultra graphics settings when in some busy areas.

Most of the time performance is relatively comfortable in MS Flight Sim, but it’s in these areas with dense objects and lots of vehicles like fully 3D buildings and AI-controlled land, air, and sea traffic that can really eat up a lot of the performance. Hopefully this GeForce game ready driver will fix that and we will be performing some before and after benchmarks shortly to see if the driver makes a difference on PC FPS performance.

There is no mention on the Nvidia site or the driver details that it will be specifically targeting higher performance in Microsoft Flight Sim, although it does mention that it aims to give “an optimized experience with the smoothest and most responsive gameplay possible.

We will provide an update on any performance increases (if any) following the Nvidia driver update shortly.

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