It looks as if Sony have accidentally leaked the launch date of the upcoming Crysis Remastered, as a new video was posted detailing an August 21st release date for the PS4 version. The video has now since been made private, but the cat is almost certainly out the bag now.

The leak comes from PlayStation Access, who detailed the releases coming up this week on PlayStation, and Crysis Remastered was on the list this week for a Friday release. It’s not exactly official, but it’s the closest thing to an announcement made by Sony’s official social media pages, or Crytek themselves, so we’re going to guess that this is indeed legitimate.

A surprise launch would certainly be interesting, especially considering that the game got delayed due to negative feedback about the graphics, which looked marginally better than the base game and worse than the free, fan-made Enhanced Edition mod.

That said, if Crytek have managed to pull it off, then a Friday launch would almost certainly spell some success for them. Or on the other hand, means that we won’t have much time to talk about disappointing graphics if it hasn’t exactly improved since the original leaked gameplay trailer. After all, Crytek recently posted an update with a brand new 8K wallpaper screenshot, and stating that more details are coming soon.

Either way, it means we could possibly be seeing an official announcement or reveal later today, since Crytek will no doubt want to make an official statement after this leak. Of course, this has only been leaked for the PlayStation 4 version, but it’s likely PC players will be seeing the same release date as consoles.

What do you think? Are you excited for Crysis Remastered? Do you think it’s coming out on Friday? Would you get it? Let us know!

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