The Chinese Developer known as Game Scene Studio have just revealed today their brand new Action-Adventure game Black Myth: Wu Kong. Based on the famous chinese novel Journey to the West, where you will be able to play as the Monkey King Sun Wukong themself. A 13 minute gameplay trailer was also released as part of the reveal.

The studio reportedly comprises mostly ex-Tencent employees, who previously worked on numerous free-to-play titles. However, this is their first foray into the ‘premium’ genre, which means bigger budget and scope than their F2P counterparts. You can check out the gameplay below which has a lot of clear inspiration from other games, but be warned this is still a pre-alpha build:

There’s undeniably some inspiration from the soulslike series in there, especially Sekiro considering the setting, but there’s a lot more going on it seems. Unfortunately there have been little details revealed, so we still have no idea if this will be some sort of RPG (though it certainly looks like one).

We do at least know that there will be 72 abilities in the game for players to use, some of which were shown off in the gameplay video above. But other than that, we have no other information, not even an idea of when the game will release.

What do you think? Are you excited for Black Myth Wu Kong? What are you hoping to see more of? And when do you think we can expect it? Let us know!