The PC Open Beta for Marvel's Avengers is beginning tonight, and shortly before it officially releases the developers Crystal Dynamics have released a brand new patch to fix several performance issues many users have reported experiencing from the pre-order Beta last week, including crash fixes, stability improvements and more.

The Marvels Avengers PC Beta kicked off a week early for people who pre-ordered the game, and many users reported several performance issues. Patch 26.1 on Steam aims to fix most of them, so those of you who have been playing already should see improvements already, whilst those who have to download the Beta should hopefully experience less issues later tonight.

Update 26.1 for Marvel’s Avengers includes fixes for “severe stutters/lag and irregular performance,” as well as crash fixes specifically for those running on older systems, numerous optimizations and improvements to matchmaking. There’s also a new option to adjust Camera Shake sensitivity and a decreased amount of motion blur whilst flying or sprinting.

Many users also reported that the Dynamic Screen Resolution setting wasn’t working properly, especially when combined with using the HBAO+ setting for Ambient Occlusion. This has now been fixed (though it’s recommended you reset the setting to your desired frame rate to fix). 

There are also some fixes to a few graphical issues reported, some improvements to vaulting, a decreased delay for loot drops, and some more improvements for ultrawide and super-ultrawide screen resolutions with more planned for launch.

And if you were wondering how to download the latest Beta, just search “Marvel’s AVengers” on Steam and a separate option for the “Marvel’s Avengers Beta” should appear as free. You can pre-download it now in preparation for the Open Beta launching at 9pm (in your local time zone) tonight, though a Square Enix account is still required.

What do you think? Did you play the Marvels Avengers PC pre-order Beta? Did you notice any performance issues? And have they since been fixed after the patch? Let us know!

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