When the highly anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator launched earlier this week, there was some confusion over the game’s official size. A 150GB note was listed on the Steam store page, but downloading the game seemed to take up less than a single Gigabyte. This was because MS Flight Sim actually downloads the rest of the content when you boot it up for the first time.

Many users were quick to point out that this would eat up your in-game play time, and since Steam allows refunds only when you have less than 2 hours of play time, many were worried it would mean they’re ineligible for a refund, especially for those with slow internet connections that would take longer than 2 hours to download the entire 150GB.

It’s not to say that Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 is bad (it’s currently got a 93 rating on Metacritic) or that a wealth of refund requests have recently flooded in, instead it’s more about the ethics of such an issue. Many users have even accused Microsoft of purposely doing this to prevent refunds from occurring, which is not true.

But now Valve has officially stated that, don’t worry, any time spent downloading the game after you’ve launched it won’t count towards your Steam refund play time. There were no details as to how they would in fact be monitoring this, as everyone’s internet speeds are different, but Doug Lombardi, the VP of marketing at Valve, said:

The time it takes your machine to download the additional content will not be counted against the Steam Refund Policy,” he told the press, and added that: “we are working with Microsoft to see if we can improve the download experience,” whatever that means.

What do you think? Did you have issues reaching out for a refund? What about in any other games? Let us know!

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