There's been a lot of games that have come out recently, we had Horizon Zero Dawn a couple weeks ago now, and both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Mortal Shell released this week. So there's plenty of games to get lost in over the weekend. Plus, the Marvel's Avengers Beta is on this weekend with the official release coming soon.

So what are you planning to play this weekend? Have you got your various PC peripherals on standby to get the ultimate Flight Simulator experience? Or are you kicking back and playing some Horizon: Zero Dawn? Or maybe you're trying out that PC Beta for Marvels Avengers? Let us know

And here's what our very own GD staff have/will be playing this weekend...


Chad - Lately I’ve been getting on with Death Stranding as I find there’s just so much to do with traversing the wasteland and making deliveries. Getting those sweet 5 star ratings is truly intoxicating. But lately I’ve been wanting to go back to the RPG genre, and seeing the recent “0451” sale on Steam, I think I’ll be jumping back into a meaty immersive sim.

I’ve been thinking about replaying Prey for a while, or maybe Deus Ex, but it’s been a long time since I played the first 2 BioShock games. I bought the Remastered versions recently, but have yet to actually experience them just yet and see what kind of improvements were made. So maybe this is the time?

CorruptedCyborg - This weekend I’ll be playing the Marvel's Avengers Open Beta, as it has definitely piqued my interests in the recent weeks and I’m intrigued to see how the game plays out, and whether it get’s put on to my “games to buy” list as Hitman 3 is now an Epic Games Store exclusive. I’ll probably end up playing either Cities Skylines and start a new metropolis, or Anno 1800 and continue building my empire.

Felix - I have been getting my wild west on with Desperados 3, a fun title in the old Commandos style. And that then got me thinking, is there any slow paced wild west management/simulator? Not sure what I was after, but I very quickly landed on Railway Empire. Which I love, but it is very forgettable.

Very few games fold time like Railway Empire. I would look at a clock, lay some rail routes across the Wild West, so people can get their steaks or mail, and then realise a couple of hours had vanished. It's basically because nothing really happens of consequence, but it is a nice way to spend your time. You lay tracks and fine tune the way trains bypass each other across a huge map. It's satisfying and therapeutic. You can do the sandbox mode or there is a series of levels that have you competing and completing tasks, pretty much at leisure, but against an AI.

Oh, and I have also been dabbling with a pre release build of Crusader Kings 3.

Stuart - In the last couple of months, the area in California where I live has been hit by wildfires and we’re still in a pretty serious COVID area, so there has been a LOT of staying at home. The bad news is that my children have discovered the joys of PC gaming, so “what are you playing this weekend” for me is more a case of “what are you watching your kids play this weekend”. And that is Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster. I’ve bought so much DLC for those latter two games that I’m practically keeping Frontier going these days.

Once I’ve tucked the little tykes up in bed, though, I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a preview copy of Crusader Kings 3. I’m enjoying the cleaned-up interface (as you would have seen in preview screenshots), the sheer ease with which everything just makes sense - and of course the bonkers stories that emerge from this incredible medieval history / ridiculous soap opera crossover. Review soon, as usual, but here’s the insider scoop: I’m loving it.


And that's it from us, so let us know what you're playing this weekend in the discussion area below! Who knows, maybe we can all discover a few new games to play, and don't forgot to vote for which genre you'll be playing this weekend! That way we can see if there is a trend at the moment.

(Once again, I've decided to keep the polls below focused on primary genres, so apologies if your niche isn't covered, just vote for whatever's the closest!)

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