Well, it’s official! The new game by WB Games Montreal was officially announced last night at the Warner Brothers DC FanDome event, and it certainly looks interesting. Gotham Knights notably ditches the Batman prefix, for very obvious reasons you’ll see in a bit, but thankfully we got an official trailer as well as some gameplay.

Gotham Knights takes place in, well, Gotham City (who could’ve seen that coming), however a certain Bat-caped crusader is no longer with us. Play as either Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, or Nightwing in an open world city and take down the numerous super villains who have taken root across the cityscape. Check out the new trailer below:

So yeah, Batman’s dead, but not really though, or at least probably not, I think. It’s certainly an interesting premise, but we’ll see if that is enough to keep everyone interested in the story as the previous Rocksteady-led games focused heavily on Batman, and if we’re able to play as 4 different characters at any given time that doesn’t exactly give a lot of room for a more niche and focused story.

Still, we haven’t heard everything about the game yet, but some new gameplay was shown as well giving us a glimpse at what the iconic combat and stealth mechanics will be like in Gotham Knights when it launches in 2021, check it out:

Warner Brothers Games Montreal haven’t confirmed whether Gotham Knights will be a multiplayer game yet, but it almost certainly will be considering the glaring “Robin joined the session” notification that popped up at the start. I’m sure Gotham Knights will also be available in single player, hence the “Robin” name rather than some “xX69Xx” username.

WB Games Montreal also seems to have taken more of a Looter-shooter approach, with floating damage numbers, enemy health bars etc., so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some Bat-chests waiting to be looted after missions for better gear and items.

There is certainly more to be revealed later down the line, but right now we at least know of a 2021 release period. Oh, and all that Court of Owls malarkey? Yeah, that finally got confirmed which is cool, but the developers teased in the livestream that the mysteries run deeper than just the Court of Owls…

So what do you think? Are you excited for Gotham Knights? Is Batman really dead? And which hero will you be playing as? Let us know!

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