Rocksteady’s next instalment in the “Arkhamverse” has officially been revealed, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League sees the ragtag group of 4 super villains being forced to hunt down and, well, kill the Justice League of course. We didn’t get any gameplay unfortunately, but we did get an official reveal trailer and a bit of information about it at least.

The first trailer shows Superman going rogue, and reveals the characters in which we can choose to play as in order to take him down: Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark. You can play the entire game solo, choosing one of the characters at your will, or in dynamic 4-player co-op. Check out the official reveal below:

There was no gameplay unfortunately, but it’s officially coming out in 2022, so that makes sense since it will still be early in development. As mentioned there will be dynamic 4-player co-op, meaning players can drop-in anytime they want and choose whichever character they want, without affecting your own progress. You can play half the game solo, and the other half in co-op if you choose to for instance.

You can, of course, play the entire game in single player, being able to switch between each character whenever you want. Each character will have unique abilities and weapons at their disposal, but interestingly Rocksteady mentioned there will be a blend of their classic Arkham combat mixed with some gunplay.

Of course, Superman isn’t the only member of the Justice League, and you will be hunting down each iconic hero of the super group. Currently, only Superman and Flash have been confirmed. Rocksteady also confirmed that this will be a direct continuation of their own Arkham series, and will take place in the city of Metropolis.

What do you think? Are you excited for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League? What are you most interested in? Who else do you think we will be hunting down? And who will you be playing as? Let us know!

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