The recently announced Gotham Knights game by Warner Brothers Games Montreal apparently won’t be a continuation of the Batman Arkham series, and actually takes place within a different continuity despite the similar connections. It’s not exactly obvious in the trailer, but the developers recently made the announcement after the official Gotham Knights reveal.

The Arkham continuity is instead being followed by Rocksteady in their Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game, which also got announced recently at the DC FanDome event this weekend. It’s an odd decision considering Gotham Knights seems to have a more obvious connection to the Arkham games than Suicide Squad does.

Nevertheless, there are some clear similarities between the old Arkham games and the new Gotham Knights title, but my guess for the reason behind the ditched continuity is probably so that WB Games Montreal can get away with shaking up the formula a bit and not constrain themselves to the previous title’s structure. But what do you guys think?

The Batman: Arkham series, or the “Arkhamverse” as Rocksteady puts it, saw the caped crusader over 4 different titles, 3 of which were made by Rocksteady themselves and a prequel that was developed by WB Games Montreal, the same team behind Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is set to release next year in 2021, whilst Suicide Squad is planned for the following year in 2022.

What do you think? Are you excited for Gotham Knights? What about the Suicide Squad game? What are your thoughts on either of them? Let us know!

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"I like this concept. Having 4 classes is what Im thinking they're doing here. Batgirl - Batman with limited gadgets, jack of all trades. Robin: Stealth, low defense. Nightwing: Brawler, more combat-focused. Red Hood: Ranged class, benefits from ranged bonuses on gear. I just hope you can switch..."
"I heard it's supposed to be Marvel's Avengers, just a DC version of it."
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