Someone call a plumber, because this year seems to just be full of leaks. Activision recently revealed the existence of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War last week with a new trailer after months of cryptic teases, but some new details have allegedly been leaked online before the official reveal tomorrow.

Obviously these details are still just rumors, but considering how much was supposedly rumored before for CoD 2020 that actually turned out true, there is a little semblance of credibility here. It also sounds pretty close to what we’ve heard already and are expecting in the new Call of Duty, but keep those salt shakers handy just in case.

First of all, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will include the usual Campaign and Multiplayer aspects, and will reportedly also include Treyarch’s iconic Zombies mode. The setting, rather obviously, will indeed take place during the Cold War and will feature many weapons and equipment from that period.

The campaign itself will be focusing on a global conspiracy, and will allegedly be a direct sequel to 2010’s original Black Ops. Players will see the return of famed characters from the original including Woods, Mason, and Hudson. The story will also take players across the globe to locations like Vietnam, Turkey, East Berlin and even the Soviet KGB headquarters and more.

The Cold War’s geopolitical war in the early 1980’s will be the backdrop, as the shadowy figure Perseus (as heard of in that teaser last week) works towards changing the course of history by destabilizing the balance of power across the globe in a plot that’s been in the making for decades.

Classic Cold War conspiracies, the return of some iconic characters, yep this certainly sounds like a Black Ops game based on the original. No other details were leaked apart from that unfortunately, so there’s no word on whether Call of Duty Warzone will somehow be implemented into it, or what exactly multiplayer will feature.

Again, these are all rumors, but given the amount of leaks that have already come true so far, we can assume this rumor is mostly true. Either way, we’ll have an official reveal tomorrow from Activision, so we’ll know for sure then.

But what do you think? Based on this information, would you be excited for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War? Do you think this sounds plausible? What other features would you like to see? And how will they tackle Warzone do you reckon? Let us know!

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