After a relatively successful Beta period, Square Enix is gearing up for the official release of Marvel's Avengers next week. However, during that Beta time many players have reported experiencing performance issues and multiple bugs and accessibility problems. Square Enix has now come out to reveal that an 18GB Day 1 patch is looking to address some of these issues.

Those who purchase a physical copy of Marvel’s Avengers will need to connect to the internet one time in order to download the game’s Day One Patch. The patch is approximately 18GB in size. Those who purchase the game digitally will receive the patch along with the game’s initial download.

Marvels Avengers is able to be played entirely offline in solo play, however the game will require a one-time internet activation in order to download the Day 1 patch. After the patch is downloaded you are free to play the entire game offline if you choose. Additionally, if you want to download any free post-launch content like new heroes, missions, and regions, then you’ll have to connect to the internet again in order to download them.

As for what exactly the path does? “The Day One Patch includes several updates and refinements that are required for play. Additionally, the patch includes localization files for the game’s dialogue, which are quite extensive, as we are localizing Marvel’s Avengers in 15 different languages,” said the official blog post. “The Day One Patch is also important as it includes lots of fixes, feedback, updates, and tuning from our Beta weekends.

That’s not exactly very clear and is pretty vague, this is most likely on purpose due to many mentions of performance and optimization issues online, which this patch most likely doesn’t address at all. However we’ll have to wait and see until the game releases.

Finally, Marvel’s Avengers global servers go live on September 1st, but will be using Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology for multiplayer.

Marvel’s Avengers is launching next week on September 4th for PC and consoles.

What do you think? Are you excited for Marvel’s Avengers? Did you play the Beta? And did you notice any performance/optimization issues? Let us know!

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