Ever since some rumored specifications for the upcoming Ampere-based RTX 30 series graphics cards from Nvidia came out, the buzz has been growing for the next-gen GPUs, most notably with their high power draws. The RTX 3080 for instance, is rumored to have a TDP of 320W. Nvidia has also confirmed a 12-pin power connector will be used on the RTX 30 series Founders Editions, further adding to the high power requirements rumors.

This, apparently, has sent a couple manufacturers crazy for making their own PSUs, and it looks like a hefty 850W PSU is recommended for the RTX 30 series thanks to official confirmation from Seasonic. So now MSI has jumped into the fray with their very own - and first ever - power supply products.

The MPG GF series is noted to support “all the way to the latest NVIDIA graphics cards,” and is “prepared for the highest of requirements,” most likely nodding at the higher power requirements of Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs. the three models listed include the A650GF (which is 650W), A750GF (which is 750W), and the A850GF (which is 850W).

The PSU itself can support up to 3 x 8-pin for the GPU and 2 x 8-pin for the CPU. Or you can swap it around a bit for 4 x 8-pin for the GPU and 1 x 8-pin for the CPU. Check out the handy diagram below for a better view:

Even though these are MSI’s first ever PSU products, they have clearly wanted to make a good impression, as the MPG GF Series boasts an 80 PLUS Gold certification as well as “100% all Japanese 105° C capacitors,” which should provide some decent reliability and efficiency. However, just to show that MSI is not messing around, the new PSU lineup also includes a 10-year limited warranty.

Cable management is also a big part of building a PC, so MSI has made the MPG GF Series with a complete modular design, so you can also use whatever cables you want. The cables provided are also made flat for easier organization. All this together should help keep the system properly organized without any obstructed airflow.

Unfortunately no pricing has been listed yet, and whilst you can view the specifications of each individual model, the “Buy Now” button doesn’t work and just throws you a 404 error instead. Hopefully these details will be revealed soon in preparation for the upcoming Nvidia RTX 30 series lineup, which should hopefully be officially announced at the GeForce Special event next week.

What do you think? Are you excited for MSI’s PSU lineup? Will you be getting a new power supply? Let us know!

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