As the next generation of PC hardware slowly comes to us, so too do the next generation of consoles. Usually this means a relatively sharp incline in PC system requirements for games, and inevitably at some stage we feel the need to upgrade. So whilst a lot of us have been rocking the GTX 1060 lately, it seems to be that a lot of games are soon going to break the GTX 1060 barrier for most of the recommended requirements.

So system requirements are going to go up, that’s a given as technology gets better and games get more demanding, but what do you think will be the typical recommended requirements for next year? Will they be a pretty steep increase? Or will it not be as bad as we think?

For instance, the staff here have been chatting a bit, and some of us believe we’ll be seeing the recommended requirements jumping up to an RTX 2060, whilst others believe it will just increase to a GTX 1070, or even just a GTX 1660. Some of us have been debating whether or not the 1060 will be considered the majority of minimum requirements (we’ve already been seeing this in some next-gen games like The Medium's PC system requirements).

Maybe we’ll see an expansion of system requirements? No longer constrained to just the minimum and recommended, some games have already been doing this giving us an extra 4K or ray tracing-specific tier of hardware, Like The Medium above or even DOOM Eternal's Ultra-Nightmare system requirements.

Obviously games developers and publishers will want as many people to play their game as possible, so we shouldn’t see anything too outrageous. Hell, even this year’s Crysis that is Microsoft Flight Simulator (whilst having some performance issues) recommends a GTX 970, with the RTX 2080 listed as an ‘ideal’ spec.

So what do you think will be next year’s recommended requirements? Will they be much higher? Or only just a little? What kind of hardware will we need to play at the best settings? And will we see the typical system requirements list getting expanded for more variety? Let’s debate!

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