There’s been a lot of debate about whether Sony will be bringing more of their 1st party PlayStation exclusives to the PC platform, especially since both Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn recently launched on PC. Well now Sony has officially confirmed that they will be bringing more 1st party titles to PC in the future.

We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability.” This is clearly important to the Entertainment giant, as it was listed under one of their “Strategic Key Points” in a recent report.

Unfortunately, no direct names were given at this moment, so we have no idea which ones or even how many they are planning to bring to PC, or whether they are past PS4 exclusives or future PS5 exclusives.

Competition from online PC games and players from other industries is expected to continue to intensify. The fundamental growth strategy will be to innovate and evolve the PlayStation Platform.” So basically Sony sees the PC market as a viable audience for their games, and ones that are not so likely to switch to the PlayStation console.

That’s great news for anyone who has wanted the likes of God of War, Uncharted, or even the fabled BloodBorne PC port that has been rumored recently. Of course none of these have been confirmed yet, but I would wager Sony would at least look at some of their strongest selling titles on the platform to port over first.

It is, however, likely that if any PlayStation 5 exclusives do end up coming to PC in the future, that we’ll be seeing a delay for the PC port over the console version like Death Stranding and HZD.

What do you think? Are you excited for more Sony exclusives coming to PC? Which ones do you want ported over? Let us know!

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"God of War series and Bloodbourne please!"
"I'd like to see Red Dead Redemption 1 remastered, Uncharted and The Last of Us series."
"About time they realized some players can't be baited into buying entirely new consoles every few years with the sole purposes of playing games and occasionally watching movies."
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