Normally you’d see a big AAA title getting partnered with a company like Nvidia or AMD for graphics optimizations on their own GPUs, but this time it’s Intel that has swooped in for the spotlight with some PC-exclusive graphics optimizations for Marvel's Avengers. On top of that, Intel has committed to provide support and optimizations for Marvels Avengers for another 2 years after launch.

Intel also released a video detailing some of the PC-exclusive optimizations ahead of the launch for Marvel Avengers, which includes reactive water simulation, enhanced enemy destruction, and super charged heroics. You can have a look at the various Intel optimizations below:

Apparently, Intel helped to make sure these optimizations are suited for the CPU, in order to allow more headroom for the GPU’s performance on other tasks. Additionally, they were developed for 4, 8, and 10-core processors, with Low, Medium, and High graphics settings all tuned to each core configuration.

So basically whether you’re rocking a low-end rig, or a super high-end setup, you’ll be able to benefit in some way from these new optimizations. These optimizations also aren’t exclusive to Intel customers and customers either, so AMD users can also take advantage of these benefits.

What do you think? Are you excited for Marvel’s Avengers? Did you play the Beta? What did you think of the performance? Let us know!

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