Games are getting big these days, or at least modern AAA titles are, and with the recent reveal of the RTX 30 series graphics cards at the GeForce Special Event yesterday came some worries online that Cyberpunk 2077 will be at least 200GB. Thankfully, Marcin Momot, the CD Projekt Red global community lead, said that it won’t be more than 200GB install size, and teased for the official PC system requirements coming soon.

At the GeForce Special event yesterday, Nvidia started to discuss games and large install sizes, specifically mentioning games of over 200GB size. This was then accompanied by a picture of Cyberpunk 2077, sparking lots of speculation online about the tech-noir RPG potentially requiring 200GB of storage space.

Momot cleared the air and alleviated our worries about CP2077’s install, saying that “the game won't take up 200GB when installed” and will be “on par with other modern titles.

While the @CyberpunkGame system requirements are not out yet (they are coming soon, though!), I wanted to address this topic from reddit. The game won't take up 200GB when installed. You can expect the required HDD space  to be on par with other modern titles.

Other modern titles” is still a little vague, as a lot of modern titles range anywhere between 40-100GB. Though Momot also did mention that the system requirements will be coming soon though, so we’ll be getting official confirmation at some point soon at least. My guess would be around the time that the next Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire episode airs, but what’s your guess?

We've already made our own Cyberpunk 2077 PC system requirements predictions, with the help of you guys to determine what your own thoughts are on them. So let us know what you reckon the system requirements will be!

So what do you think? Are you excited for Cyberpunk 2077? When do you think we’ll hear about the official system requirements? And how big do you think the install size for CP2077 will be? Let us know!

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