Marvel's Avengers PC graphics settings revealed

Written by Chad Norton on Wed, Sep 2, 2020 5:30 PM
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The enemies of AIM are nearly here, and it's up to the Avengers group of superheroes to take them down. Marvel's Avengers arrives this Friday on September 4th, nad it certainly looks quite nice, but what are the graphics settings like? are there a lot of options for graphics customization and performance tweaking? Or is there a pretty limited set of settings available?

Let's take a look at the official Marvel's Avengers PC graphics settings...


Marvel's Avengers Display settings

  • Brightness
  • HDR
  • HDR Calibration
  • Resolution
  • Fullscreen - Off/On
  • Exclusive Fullscreen - Off/On
  • Monitor
  • Refresh Rate
  • Vsync - Off/Half Refresh Rate/On

  • Anti-Aliasing - Off/TAA/SMAA
  • AMD FidelityFX CAS - Off/On
  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling - Off/30/60
  • Text language
  • Subtitles
  • Closed Captions

Marvel's Avengers Graphics settings

  • Preset - Lowest/Low/Medium/High/Very High
  • Screen Space Reflections - Off/On/SSSR
  • Motion Blur - Off/On
  • Bloom - Off/On
  • Volumetric Lighting - Off/Low/High
  • Ambient Occlusion - Off/SAO/HBAO+
  • Level of Detail - Low/Medium/High/Very High/Ultra
  • Shadow Quality - Low/High/Very High/Ultra
  • Screen Space Contact Shadows - Off/On

  • Tessellation - Off/On
  • VFX Quality - Low/Medium/High/Very High
  • Depth of Field - Off/Low/High/Very High
  • Texture Filtering - Trilinear/2x Anisotropic//4x Anisotropic/8x Anisotropic/16x Anisotropic
  • Texture Quality - Low/Medium/High
  • Lens Flares - Off/On
  • Screen Effects - Off/On
  • Enhanced Water Simulation - Off/On/High/Very High
  • Enhanced Destruction - Off/On/High/Very High


Looking over the graphics settings available in Marvel's Avengers, there's a pretty neat amount of options available, allowing us to customize the graphical fidelity and tweak performance to our liking.

It's a shame that the anti-aliasing features are so limited, with only TAA or SMAA available (other than turning the option off), though the addition of AMD's FidelityFX CAS option should help alleviate some of those blurring issues with TAA at least. The addition of a dynamic resolution option is also greatly appreciated.

In terms of the graphics settings themselves, there's quite a lot to choose from, each with varying degrees of adjustability which is nice. Plus there's a large amount of presets available to choose from, which should allow for some decent optimization depending on your hardware.

The addition of optimization features from Intel is nice at least, for more information on these and what they actually do you can check out our article on Intel's PC-exclusive gameplay optimizations for Marvels Avengers.

In the end, Marvels Avengers has quite a decent range of graphics options available that's fairly standard compared to other modern AAA titles. Whilst some settings are definitely missing a bit more customization, there's definitely enough room hear to tweak the settings and optimize to your own PC hardware.

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