It’s been nearly 3 weeks since Microsoft Flight Simulator launched on PC, which has since been dubbed this generation’s Crysis since today’s top-end GPUs can’t provide the proper performance at Max graphics settings even at 1080p most of the time. Though that could all quickly change with Nvidia’s recently announced RTX 30 series graphics cards.

But whilst MS Flight Sim can be considered a very specific niche, the launch proved successful as it is now the biggest launch on the Xbox Game Pass for PC ever with over 1 million players since release. 

Thanks to the incredible support of our community of fans, pilots, flight enthusiasts and virtual travelers, we have had more than one million unique players take to the skies,” the official Xbox post reads. “Additionally, Microsoft Flight Simulator was the biggest game launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) history.

That’s a pretty successful launch considering that was just the Xbox Games Pass alone, and no doubt made a lot of sales through other storefronts as well, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing MS Flight Sim as the new benchmark standard for when we upgrade our own PC hardware.

If you’re into numbers, then Xbox also provided some cool details about player statistics since launch. Apparently, players have flown more than 26 million flights in total and traveled more than 1 billion miles, that's equivalent to flying around the world 40 thousand times. “Talk about racking up those frequent flyer miles!” The post concluded.

Additionally more content is still planned for the future, including world updates, simulation updates, as well as themed DLC in the future.

What do you think? Have you been playing MS Flight Sim since launch? What do you think of it? How did you play it? Through Game Pass or a traditional storefront? And is it your new benchmark game? Let us know!

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