Summer is nearly behind us, and what better way to prepare for the cold Winter season ahead than a brand new gameplay video for Dirt 5 on a frozen river in New York. Codemasters have recently released a full race of the Ice Breaker event, which sees up to 12 cars duke it out on the slippery tracks across a variety of locations.

Featured in this Dirt 5 gameplay video are some classic Ford and Peugeot rally cars, and takes place during the middle of the night, showcasing some of that really cool lighting effects and dynamic weather. Plus there’s fireworks too, which is cool. You can check out the latest Dirt 5 gameplay video below:

After being delayed by almost a month, Dirt 5 is now officially launching on November 6th. With the recent news of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch dates and price, Codemasters also revealed that the game will be a next-gen launch title and will be available on the next-gen Xbox consoles on November 10th.

What do you think? Are you excited for Dirt 5? What other gameplay would you like to see before release? And are you team Peugeot, or Ford? Let us know!

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