Yesterday Sony held another PlayStation 5 Showcase event where we mostly got some new gameplay and trailers for some upcoming titles, but we also got the official price and release date for both PS5 versions. But one of the standout reveals was some proper gameplay for the upcoming Demon's Souls Remake, which initially revealed that it was coming to PC.

Of course though, this was apparently a mistake, and Sony quickly made the video private (not taken down, just private) and reuploaded the gameplay without the mention of a PC release. Obviously this has not gone down well with fans of From Software’s first soulslike who have been waiting for a PC release since forever.

So Demon’s Souls Remake will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and when Sony was questioned further whether it will be a lifetime or timed exclusive to the platform, representatives only reinstated that it will be a PS5 exclusive.

That’s not exactly confirming a lifetime exclusivity, and considering that Sony does indeed want to bring more console games to the PC platform, we’ll most likely end up with a Demon’s Souls Remake on PC eventually. 

Sony making the original gameplay trailer private does suggest that they have plans to release it later down the line, and trailers get passed through many people before airing, which means its likely that Sony have just accidentally revealed a PC release early, but they just want fans to buy a PlayStation 5 first before announcing a PC version.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Demons Souls Remake? Will you be buying a PS5 for it? Do you think there will be a PC version eventually? Let us know!

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