The upcoming Crysis Remastered is officially launching tomorrow, and regardless how you think about the game’s new visuals, the tech on display is certainly impressive. Not only will it actually support resolutions up to 8K, but Crytek recently revealed a brand new ‘Can it Run Crysis’ mode which is designed to use up every last bit of juice in your hardware for the ultimate experience.

Speaking to the press recently, Project Lead Steffen Halbig discussed what the mode actually does and what kind of card will be able to even handle it, or to be more precise, a lack of cards that are able to handle it.

According to Halbig, the Can it Run Crysis graphics setting in Crysis Remastered actually translates to seemingly no limits in graphical fidelity. Turning on this setting will mean unlimited view distances, zero asset pop ups, and no more Level of Detail changes.

That sounds pretty demanding if you ask me, so what kind of card will be actually able to run it? According to Halbig, when it comes to 4K resolution at least… well, none actually: “In 4k, there is no card out there which can run it in 'Can it Run Crysis mode' at 30 FPS,” they said.

That puts quite the disclaimer on the RTX 3090, which has been revealed to be the world’s first consumer 8K graphics card. Obviously at some point down the line games will get more and more demanding and certain graphical features will eventually make that card obsolete, but I wasn’t exactly expecting the timeframe to be 7 days before the card even launches.

If you want know whether your PC will be able to handle the new Crysis Remastered, then you can check out the official PC system requirements here.

What do you think? Are you excited for Crysis Remastered? Will you try out the Can it Run Crysis mode? What cards do you think will be able to handle it at lower resolutions? Let us know!