Nvidia recently announced their next generation of RTX 30 series graphics cards, and with that we got the official reveal of the flagship RTX 3080, the RTX 3070, and the world’s first consumer 8K GPU the RTX 3090. Whilst all the cards have been enticing to many PC users, promising some major performance improvements and one of the biggest generational leaps in performance, there’s one thing that has proved a bit controversial: the amount of VRAM in the specified GPUs.

Of course, it was stated already by Nvidia that 10GB of video memory is more than enough, as most of the games they officially benchmarked used no more than 6GB. But those games were from a previous generation, one before the new generation of next-gen consoles will usher in, and judging by the way next-gen games are going, those 6GB VRAM requirements are steadily increasing.

Watch Dogs Legion, for instance, just got the official PC system requirements released, and whilst they’re pretty extensive (listing specs for 1080p, 1440p, 4K and ray tracing specs too) the 4K Ultra graphics settings requirements list 11GB of required video memory. Now I’m sure a 10GB RTX 3080 will be fine to run WD Legion at 4K resolution at the Max graphics settings, but it’s interesting to see that Nvidia may not have been so forethoughtful in the 4K VRAM requirements for next-gen games.

The brand new GDDR6X memory type is one of the culprits though, as the new memory type is pretty expensive and upping the video memory capacities would increase the price of the card. But when the 3080 is specifically aimed towards 4K gaming, it's a shame to see some games bringing out their 4K system requirements with VRAM specs above 10GB.

So what do you think? Is 10GB of VRAM for the RTX 3080 enough? Will the performance of certain games get limited by 10GB VRAM? And are you going to wait for a higher VRAM version instead? Let’s debate!

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"The better question is "Is 10 seconds enough to buy a 3080?"."
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