Remember when it was revealed that Oculus users will soon have to sign into a Facebook account in order to use their headsets? Well apparently it’s only getting worse, as using a fake name or account to login to your headset may get your account banned and worse, may even lose all your games and content too.

When Facebook announced the login requirements for Oculus users, many online said to just use a fake name and/or account to circumvent that, but according to Facebook (who take their own guidelines very seriously) this kind of action is a violation of their Community Standards, which can result in a ban.

Speaking to the press, a spokesperson for Facebook mentioned that your Oculus/Facebook may be impacted if you violate their Facebook Community Standards, or the Conduct in VR policy, or any other terms and policies on any of their platforms (this includes Oculus headsets and

If your account gets fully disabled because of these violations, then you may lose access to all your games and content that have been linked to your account.

So yeah, Facebook is hell bent on making sure that everyone stays inside the Facebook ecosystem. The Facebookening is officially happening.

As a side note, Facebook recently revealed the Oculus Quest 2, and if for some reason you still want to bag yourself a headset then pre-orders are already available now.

What do you think? How do you feel about Facebook’s policies? Do you agree with their actions? What could be done instead? And will this affect your decision to buy any of their Oculus headsets? Let us know!