If you managed to nab yourself a free copy of Total War: Troy when it was up for grabs on the Epic Games Store last month, then you’re in luck! Because a DLC for the title is also free to keep on the store from September 24th until October 8th, so you can get more content out of your free game, for free. Now that’s a bargain if you ask me! (hey that rhymed!)

The new Total War: Troy Amazons DLC focuses on the infamous Amazonian warriors, a fierce all-female army, and will include a bunch of new features to the game like two brand new factions, two new epic heroes, new unit rosters of only female warriors and cavalry, new faction mechanics, epic missions chains, more heroes, buildings, events, royal decrees as well as other faction content, and finally the introduction of a new horde faction.

Both new epic heroes will have their own unique campaign, and you can claim your free copy of the Total War Amazons DLC by linking your Total War Access and Epic Games accounts, after which just claim your free copy of the expansion between September 24th and October 8th to get started!

What do you think? Are you excited for the new Total War Troy DLC? Will you be grabbing your free copy of the Amazons expansion? Have you been playing the base game at all recently? Let us know!