Thanks to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Zenimax Media, we’ll soon be seeing more and more of Bethesda’s titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and the first title to come to the subscription service since that $7.5 billion was made has been revealed: DOOM Eternal is officially coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1st.

Though there is a big disclaimer with that: October 1st is when DOOM Eternal will release on the Game Pass for consoles, whereas PC players will have to wait until “later in 2020” before it comes to the official Xbox Game Pass for PC app.

We can’t wait to welcome a new group of Slayer’s to the world of Doom Eternal thanks to Xbox Game Pass. Doom Eternal will be available with Xbox Game Pass on October 1 and for PC later in 2020.

Presumably the best time for DOOM Eternal to come to Xbox Game Pass for PC would be when the first major story DLC, DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One, launches on October 20th. But that’s only 3 weeks later than consoles and doesn’t scream “later in 2020” for me, so we’ll probably see it come later than that unfortunately.

With Microsoft not planning to slow down on acquiring more games studios, who on Earth will be next?

What do you think? Are you excited for DOOM Eternal coming to the Xbox Game Pass? When do you think it will come to the PC app? And what other Zenimax/Bethesda titles would you like on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know!

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