The latest addition to the Spelunker saga was already released on PlayStation 4 on September 15th, but the PC release was scheduled for a later date on September 29th. But according to the developers, Spelunky 2’s PC version will not include online multiplayer at launch due to a “rocky start” on the PS4 platform.

To be honest, our online multiplayer had a bit of a rocky start on PS4, so we've also been testing that and making improvements to it,” the post said. “Regarding our release date, we listened to the community's feedback and decided to prioritize an earlier release so that Steam players could enjoy the game ASAP.” 

Unfortunately that means Spelunky 2 won’t be launching with multiplayer on Tuesday, but the developers say that they’re estimating it to be around a few weeks. On the plus side, when online multiplayer gets added back in, it will also include cross-play between Steam and PlayStation 4.

After that, the developers said that they’ll continue to work on the multiplayer side, adding in some “highly-requested features like online PvP (Deathmatch and Hold the Idol).” Additionally, the Spelunky 2 Steam page will no longer present the “Online Co-op” tag as to not mislead anyone.

What do you think? Are you excited for the PC release of Spelunky 2? Do you mind that multiplayer won’t be available at launch? Let us know!