November is just on the horizon, and there’s quite a few games coming out around that time, one of which is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and whilst many fans have been excited for the multiplayer reveals, a large community of Zombies fans have been anxiously awaiting the official COD Zombies reveal.

Lucky for us, Activision have recently revealed the first look at Call of Duty Zombies, which includes a brand new gameplay trailer as well as interviews with the developers explaining some of the new gameplay mechanics and story. I won’t spoil anything for now, so check out the official Zombies first look below:

Obviously there’s a lot to unpack there if you’re a COD Zombies fan, like the famed return of the iconic perks and classic mystery box. There are, however, quite a few new drastic changes to the gameplay that might prove controversial, though probably not as much as Black Ops 4 zombies was.

A quick breakdown: Zombies will no longer force you to start with a pistol, as you can customize loadouts to bring on round 1. There will be no limit on the amount of perks you can consume and weapons will come in rarity; that way many weapons can become more sustainable in higher rounds.

Additionally, instead of the traditional system of dying at the end of the game to finish it, players now have the opportunity to extract themselves out of the situation. However, zombies will get even more aggressive and become much harder, but players will be rewarded for extracting successfully.

Finally, and quite excitingly, all post-launch content will be free for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and that includes any new Zombies experiences. This means all players will get access to more Zombies content by buying the game, and opens up even more avenues for the type of content released.

There’s more information to come for COD Zombies as we get closer to the official launch date of November 13th, as well as a PC Multiplayer Beta coming soon. But for know we want to hear your thoughts! Are you a big Call of Duty Zombies fan? Which is your favorite Treyarch Zombies game? And how do you feel about this new Zombies experience? Let us know!

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