Back in June, developers Respawn announced that crossplay will be coming to Apex Legends between PC and consoles. Well now that’s officially happening as Respawn announced a crossplay Beta test will start on October 6th, along with the new Aftermarket Collection Event and a limited-time mode called Flashpoint.

The Apex Legends crossplay beta will include Origin, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with the feature coming to Steam users when the game launches on Valve’s platform later this year. Crossplay will also be enabled by default, but will keep PC and console players separate for very obvious reasons.

However, if console and PC players team up in a party, they will be put into matches with other PC players to keep those ecosystems separate. This allows for console games to keep PC players separate, but still allow console players to matchmake with PC friends if they want to.

You’ll be able to add friends on other platforms too, and Apex Legends will also show which platform they are on as well as the in-game chat. However cross-platform progression won’t be supported during the beta, but Respawn says they’ll talk more about it when the Steam version launches later this year, so it’s a possibility for the future.

What do you think? Are you excited for crossplay in Apex Legends? And in your opinion, does crossplay help or hinder multiplayer games? Let us know!

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