After the recent announcement that Godfall will be officially launching on November 12th for PC and PlayStation 5, developer Counterplay Games have also confirmed that whilst the game will not be a game-as-a-service, it will require a constant internet connection to play and will not be available offline even whilst playing Solo.

Godfall is not a service game, but does require an internet connection to play,” the official Twitter account said in reply to someone asking whether Godfall will be a live service game and whether it requires an online connection.

It’s a strange move from the game that is being published by the developers of Borderlands, another popular looter game that offers a single player offline version if wanted. There’s currently no indication as to why the developers have opted for this, even if it is to prevent cheating, as Godfall will not have a PvP mode but will have a co-op mode.

What do you think? Why would Godfall require an active internet connection to play? Are you excited for Godfall? Let us know!

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