Ubisoft’s latest venture into the cybercrime warfare world is nearly here, as Watch Dogs Legion releases in just 3 weeks time, and in preparation Ubisoft has released an official story trailer for the game, as well as revealing some post-launch content and a full 1 hour of gameplay demo.

The story trailer is nothing special and just gives us an idea of the kind of narrative we’ll be experiencing when Watch Dogs Legion launches on October 29th. However, the post-launch content is the most interesting part, with free and paid DLC launching as soon as December that includes online co-op, new story missions and characters to play as and much more.

The biggest addition to Watch Dogs 3 starting December will be online co-op, which will see up to 4 players all sharing the same world together and tackling the same missions. But there will also be dedicated co-op missions, and Tactical Ops which will be 4-player missions specifically designed to be pretty challenging for 4 players.

On top of that, several PvP modes will be added to the game including the fan-favorite Invasion mode. The Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass will include a new story expansion titled Bloodline which will focus on and include previous Watch Dogs characters like Aiden Pearce and Wrench.

2 other hero characters have also been revealed like Mina, a subject of trans-human experiments who can also mind-control enemies, as well as an Assassins Creed-themed character known as Darcy who is literally a part of the creed, hidden blade and all.

Purchasing the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass will also include some other exclusive missions, as well as a car skin, and a full free copy of the original Watch Dogs Complete Edition.

Finally, Ubisoft also revealed a 1 hour gameplay demo walkthrough of Watch Dogs 3, so if you’ve been on the fence about the game since its announcement, this should give you the clearest idea of what the game will actually be like when you play it. It includes one of the developers talking about the game and reveals some interesting tidbits of info throughout.

Additionally, the Watch Dogs Legion PC system requirements were recently revealed, giving us an extensive selection of hardware specs for various performance and graphiccal quality settings across 1080p, 1440p, 4K resolutions and even ray tracing requirements.

What do you think? Are you excited for Watch Dogs Legion? What do you think of the extra free and paid post-launch content? What content are you most interested in? Let us know!