The next game in the Dirt franchise is just under a month away from release, and Codemasters are currently regularly releasing some gameplay videos for our viewing pleasure. This new gameplay video shows off some of the point-to-point rally racing events that you can encounter when Dirt 5 launches on November 6th.

Taking place in the beautiful countryside of China, these “Rally Raid” events are a little different to your normal race track affairs. These tracks feature split routes and varying terrains that are set to challenge your driving skills. Check out the new gameplay video for Dirt 5 below:

Not only will these events include the features mentioned above, but they will also have up to 12 vehicles on track including the Modern Rally classes like the Skoda and Fabia R5 as well as the new Ford Fiesta R5 MKII. Trucks and buggies and many more vehicle types will also be available to participate in these events.

What do you think? Are you excited for Dirt 5? Which Dirt games have you already played? And what’s your favorite one so far? Let us know!