Following on from the Ryzen 5000 series BIOS updates that have now been rolled out for 500 series motherboards, AMD confirmed that plans for an optional BIOS update to 400 series motherboards will still be coming in January 2021. However, it has recently been revealed that ASUS may not be supporting the new Zen 3 CPUs on their 400 series motherboards after all.

The recently announced Ryzen 5000 series will require a BIOS update on certain chipsets for optimal performance, and since the new updates are baked into the BIOS, it is up to the manufacturers themselves if they would like to add the support for their 400 series chipsets, which ASUS may not be willing to just yet.

According to one Reddit user, customer support directly told them that ASUS has no plans to support the new Ryzen 5000 series on their 400 series chipsets. Since this is not an official press release from ASUS themselves we can’t exactly confirm the report, but is useful to raise awareness for those rocking a 400 series motherboard from ASUS.

The Reddit user, known as u/Eroji, contacted customer support on the phone to ask if ASUS would be providing an update for the ROG Crosshair VII Hero X470 in order to support the new Ryzen 5000 series, to which the representative said no.

They then further followed up by asking the information to be confirmed by the engineering department in hopes of just another misinformed representative situation. However, they then received an email that said: “According to our engineers, We have no plans for the Crosshair VII Hero to support the Ryzen 5900X, please purchase Crosshair VIII Hero and any [ASUS] B550 motherboard that will support Ryzen 5900X and 5000 series processors.

So there you go, looks like ASUS won’t be providing any support for the Ryzen 5000 series on 400 series motherboards. Hopefully this will spark a response from ASUS to officially comment, and with enough feedback may even change their minds.

What do you think? Do you have an ASUS 400 series motherboard? Will you be waiting for an official update or will you be buying a new 500 series motherboard now? And will ASUS be the only one who won’t provide support? Who else do you think will be the same? Let us know your thoughts!

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