AMD has recently announced the brand new Ryzen 5000 series processors, but in order to use them we will need to update our BIOS on our motherboards. Currently, only the 500 series motherboards have an update available for them already, ready for the new CPUs launching on November 5th. But support for the 400 series motherboards are up to the manufacturer, and ASUS recently came under fire for apparently not supporting it.

However, the company has now come forward and ASUS has officially addressed the controversy as simply not true. In an emailed statement, ASUS said: “we’ve seen the recent forum posts about X470 and other 400 series boards not being supported by Asus for 5000 series processors from AMD. This is false information and incorrect.

So ASUS will definitely be supporting the new Ryzen 5000 series with a BIOS update for the 400 series motherboards. But you’ll still have to wait until January 2021 for the new Beta BIOS updates to roll out.

To clarify, Asus will follow AMD’s support plan to release a new BIOS on X470, B450 and B450 II motherboards and all those available in the market at present will also be compatible with that BIOS upgrade. Beta BIOS support, following AMD guidelines and timelines means this will be ready to roll out around Jan 2021.

What do you think? Do you own a 400 series motherboard? Will you be getting a new Ryzen 5000 CPU? Let us know!