It's no secret that the Assassins Creed formula has strayed away from its original structure with recent titles, favoring more of an RPG approach instead. Whether you like this new change in formula, there has been one thing that seems to annoy people in the latest games: stealth kills, or more specifically, lack thereof when it comes to higher level enemies.

Now whilst that may make sense in an RPG where levelling up increases your damage numbers and therefor deal more damage to higher level enemies, it always seemed a bit weird to watch a long blade pierce deep into the side of an enemies neck, spurting blood everywhere only to watch them turn around, shout at you, and they’ve only lost half their health.

It can easily turn an all-stealth run into an annoying failure as you forgot that some enemies clearly have giant necks and veins made of iron. However, Assassins Creed: Valhalla is joining the ranks of Watch Dogs Legion and Immortals Fenyx Rising as some of the most accessible titles from Ubisoft so far.

And by accessible, we mean a wealth of customization options to tailor towards your wants and needs. Aside from the usual colorblind, closed caption, and other accessibility options for those who need them, most notably you can now turn on an option to enable one-shot stealth kills on higher level enemies with your hidden blade, regardless of your difficulty level.

Other accessibility options are broken down into 4 categories: Controls, Gameplay, HUD and UI, and finally Audio. These include multiple ways to navigate menus, complete control remapping and customization for both mouse and keyboard as well as controllers, several alternative methods for hold inputs (when you have to hold a button for an interaction) like normal actions or quick time events, a Guaranteed Assassinate option (mentioned above), multiple levels of fight/stealth/exploration difficulty, full control over progression and gameplay customization, and literally loads more.

But let's be honest, the only thing we really care about is that Guaranteed Assassinate option.

What do you think? Are you excited for Assassins Creed Valhalla? How do you feel about the stealth combat in the last 2 games? Will you enable Guaranteed Assassinate? Let us know!

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