Rainbow Six Siege has taken the multiplayer world by storm recently, thanks to its tactical-focused gameplay and eSports interest. However, as the game has been getting on 5 years now, it looks like the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon as Microsoft teases a cryptic image on Twitter.

I say cryptic, but it's actually a bit more obvious than that. Rainbow Six: Siege is maybe, probably, most likely, coming to Game Pass… we think. It's no official confirmation, but its certainly close to that realm. Check out the image below:

Okay so… a trebuchet... a massive castle under siege... if you look at the giant sextuple rainbow above, it has been repeated six distinct times… Hmmm. Carry the 1 and… Castle Siege 6 Rainbow?

Rainbow Six Siege! Ah that makes sense now. So yeah, it's pretty much confirmed now that R6 Siege will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass soon. It’s not quite the free-to-play model that a lot of people are wishing for, but hopefully it won’t encourage smurfing either.

However there are no details as to how long it will stay on the service for just yet, like if its a permanent move or whether its just a limited time event, or even whether this is for the PC or console editions of Game Pass or both. Either way, it's a pretty exciting time for Rainbow 6 Siege players.

What do you think? Is Rainbow Six Siege coming to the Xbox Game Pass? Are you excited for it if so? What could this mean for the playerbase? A good thing, or a bad thing? Let us know!

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