The popular Battle Royale genre has been no stranger to limited-time events, and arguably some of the best ones come around Halloween. Call of Duty Warzone’s first Halloween event is starting today, and comes packed with new weapons, skins, rewards and modes, including the return of the classic zombies…

The Haunting of Verdansk is a limited-time event for Call of Duty Warzone as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, starting today and finishing on November 3rd. You can watch the official trailer below for a glimpse of the kind of new stuff to expect, which starts out pretty spooky but becomes quite silly towards the end:

Yes, that’s right, you can play as titular horror villains Leatherface and Jigsaw from the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw franchises, though the Jigsaw skin looks a bit silly when it's used on a full grown human being and clearly not to scale of the original movies. Both skins are available in different bundles that are separate to the Season Pass unfortunately though.

For COD Warzone specifically, the other major addition is of course Zombies, because it would be an absolute missed opportunity considering the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just under a month away and will see the return of the classic Zombies mode

In Warzone however, they play a bit different… When you die, instead of being sent to the Gulag you’ll actually turn into an undead rotten flesh monster, fighting for a chance to respawn back as a normal not-so-rotten flesh monster. Kill 2 enemies as a zombie to regain your chances at a new life, and become the last squad standing against the hordes of the undead.

Finally, the usual addition of new weapons, skins, and various other cosmetics will be up for grabs, but expect to find some of them on the actual map of Verdansk itself in some spooky trick or treat treasure chests for some exclusive rewards.

What do you think? Have you been playing Call of Duty Warzone recently? Will you be jumping into nighttime Verdansk for a round of Zombie Royale? And who’s the better villain? Leatherface, or Jigsaw? Let us know!

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