Have you ever had a fever dream? What about a fever nightmare? What about a fever nightmare right after watching that bit from Alien where everyone goes into the weird spaceship designed by H.R. Giger? Well that’s what Scorn, the upcoming first person Horror adventure game, certainly seems like, and it just got 14 minutes of gruesome gameplay released.

It’s quite the disturbing imagery, at least if you have trypophobia that is, and it certainly looks extremely faithful to Giger’s original paintings and sculptures. It honestly looks more Alien than Alien and that’s saying something. If you want to have a look yourself for some reason, check out 14 minutes of 4K Scorn gameplay below:

Of course it does look good at least, graphically speaking, but I’m worried the endless brown and grey corridors end up turning into Brown and Grey: The Game. Nevertheless, everything looks pretty unique about it; from the way you replenish ammo and health, to swapping weapons.

In terms of atmosphere, it feels a lot like the Amnesia games like Amnesia: Rebirth, but with guns, and in a grotesque Giger-world. Interestingly however, the gameplay was recorded on an Xbox Series X and is running at 4K 60fps, so that’s certainly looking good for Xbox’s new console at least.

That said, I wonder if those old Scorn PC system requirements still hold up or if they'll need some updating.

What do you think? Are you excited for Scorn? Will you be picking it up when it releases next year? What’s your favorite horror game? Let us know!

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