Mortal Shell released recently to some critical success, the fresh experience truly made its mark in the Soulslike genre as something new and unique. And now, just in time for Halloween next weekend, Mortal Shell is getting a new update that adds a brand new mini-quest, some character skins, an alternative soundtrack, and an official photo mode.

“Rotten Autumn” releases today for Mortal Shell so you can get straight into it instantly, you can also bag a 20% discount on the game if you haven’t got it already on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation store (a 20% discount for Xbox will go live on October 27th). Check out the trailer below for a look at the new skins and photo mode:

The new update centers around the mysterious amphibian creature known as Gorf - a giant frog. To start the new mini-quest and start collecting 10 different skins for your mortal shells. If you want to access the new photo mode as well you only need to open up the pause menu and you can get snappin’ straight away.

Finally, there’s also an alternative boss fight soundtrack by black metal legends Rotting Christ, however the free Rotting Christ soundtrack needs to be downloaded separately. Oh, and did I mention some enemies now have pumpkins for a head?

What do you think? Have you played Mortal Shell? Will you be jumping into the new update? How do you feel about photo modes in general? Let us know!

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