If you’re still hella confused about how the ‘Dual Reality’ system works in Bloober Team’s upcoming Horror Thriller The Medium, then luckily the developers have just recently released a video explaining the system in more detail.

The Medium follows a, well, a medium as she uncovers a dark and sinister mystery. Traversing across the physical and spirit realms, you’ll have to unlock clues and solve puzzles that sometimes requires you to be in both planes at once. It’s a pretty cool system that was shown off before, but apparently some people are having trouble wrapping their heads around the whole mechanic… At least I know I have.

The Medium will be launching on December 10th for PC and next-gen Xbox consoles including the Xbox Series X and S. You can pre-order the game now to receive the official soundtrack and artbook for free. If you’re worried about your system running the game, the official The Medium PC system requirements have already been revealed, and they’re pretty demanding.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Medium? Have you played any of Bloober Team’s other titles? Which ones? And which is your favorite? Let us know!