Ghostrunner PC graphics settings revealed

Written by Chad Norton on Mon, Oct 26, 2020 1:59 PM
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We're a day away from the official release of Ghostrunner, theĀ other Cyberpunk game this year from a different developer. It's a hardcore first-person platforming slasher, and from the trailers and demo it certainly looks very pretty, our official preview gave our first impressions of the Ghostrunner demo, calling it a mix between Mirror's Edge and Hotline Miami.

But what kind of graphics settings are available and how much can they be tweaked? We take a look at the PC graphics settings available in Ghostrunner...

There's a bunch of video settings available in Ghostrunner, including the latest in ray tracing technology like ray-traced shadows and reflections as well as full DLSS support


Ghostrunner video settings

  • Window Mode - Borderless Window/Windowed
  • Resolution
  • Resolution Scale - 10 > 100
  • FidelityFX Upscaling - Off/On
  • FidelityFX Sharpening Scale - 0 > 100
  • DLSS - Off/On
  • DLSS Mode - Performance/Balanced/Quality

Ghostrunner graphics settings

  • Anti-Aliasing - Off/Medium/High/Epic
  • Post Process Quality - Low/High
  • Shadow Quality - Off/Medium/High/Epic
  • Textures Quality - Low/Medium/High/Epic
  • Effects Quality - Low/Medium/High/Epic
  • Material Quality - Low/High
  • Brightness
  • Blur - Off/Medium/High/Epic
  • Gore Effect - Off/On
  • Frame Rate Limit - Unlimited/30/60/120/144/240
  • V-Sync - Off/On
  • Field of View - 60 > 120
  • Ray Tracing - Off/On


So there's all the graphics settings available in Ghostrunner, it isn't a huge amount but there are some great additions like Resolution Scale and of course full DLSS support. There is an optional FPS limiter if you want it and field of view can be customized by a great degree based on your preference.

Interestingly, alongside DLSS support Ghostrunner also includes AMD's FidelityFX technology that works in a similar way. From our experience, it will take a lot of tweaking the FidelityFX Sharpening meter to get the right image quality you want.

Additionally, its really strange that Ghostrunner does not offer exclusive fullscreen support, and instead only features borderless window and windowed modes. It can make it a bit finnicky if you want to turn down the resolution, but in our tests we found this did not impact the performance badly.

With all that, Ghostrunner has a decent amount of graphics settings available to customize and get the right balance between visual fidelity and performance. The inclusion of DLSS and resolution scaling also ensures that you can get the best performance possible.

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