At this point it feels like Nvidia are waiting for everyone else but them to officially announce the RTX 3060 Ti card. Many rumors have come out regarding the 3060 Ti, but we have yet to get any official specs on the GPU yet. Thankfully, we now seemingly do know the specs of the upcoming card thanks to a leak on the GPU-Z database.

These specs were spotted on the free GPU-Z utility software thanks to a public validation test on the program. Whilst it may not be official and come directly from Nvidia’s mouth, it’s more credible than most leaks we’ve seen up until now. If you’re interested, here are the specs listed below:

According to the validation, the RTX 3060 Ti will feature 4864 CUDA cores, with 80 ROPs but interestingly lists 405 TMUs which is clearly incorrect. Clock speeds are 1410Mhz for the base clock, and 1665MHz for the boost speed. Memory is listed as 8GB of GDDR6 across a 256-bit Bus Width at a speed of 1750MHz. Looking over these specs and doing some math, the RTX 3060 Ti’s effective compute power will be 16.2 TFLOPS.

Those clock speed numbers are also apparently default speeds for the GPU, likely pointing towards a stock variant of the card rather than a custom variant, so those speeds should change for AIB custom cards.

Now let's take those specs and compare them to the rest of the RTX 30 series so far:

Card Base Clock Boost Clock CUDA Cores RT Cores Memory Type Memory GB TDP W Price USD Launch Date
1.40 GHz 1.70 GHz 10,496 82 GDDR6X 24 350W $1499 September 24th
1.44 GHz 1.71 GHz 8,704 68 GDDR6X 10 320W $699 September 17th
1.50 GHz 1.73 GHz 5,888 46 GDDR6 8 220W $499 October 29th
* 1.41 GHz* 1.66 GHz* 4864* 38* GDDR6* 8* ~180W* $399* November*

*All specs listed for the RTX 3060 Ti or pure speculation based on rumors and are subject to change.

Rumored for a while before launch, the RTX 3060 Ti has been on everyone’s minds lately thanks to several leaks and rumors pointing towards RTX 2080 performance for $400 and a launch in November, and is even already up for preorder on a Chinese retailer site. Hopefully we'll get an official announcement after this week's RTX 3070 launch.

What do you think? How do you feel about the RTX 3060 Ti based on these specs? Will you (try to) get one? And based on these specs, what can we expect from the RTX 3060? Let us know!