Dirt 5 PC graphics settings revealed

Written by Chad Norton on Mon, Nov 2, 2020 12:59 PM
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Dirt 5 is racing onto our screens this Friday at full speed, but whilst the gameplay looks fun, how do the graphics look? And what kind of graphics options are there for us to tinker with? Are they extensive enough to let us fine tune performance like a typical race car mechanic? We take a look at the official Dirt 5 PC graphics settings.

Dirt 5 includes a mix of typical graphics settings and some interesting display settings. When you launch Dirt 5 for the first time you will be asked what settings you'd like to choose before starting your first race. As such, we suggest sticking to the default 'Automatic setting' for best options related to your hardware and then customize them in-game for the best performance. Or check out our PC performance report to see what kind of FPS your GPU would get.

With that said, let's dive straight into the official PC graphics settings available in Dirt 5...


Dirt 5 Video settings

  • Image Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Final Resolution - Automatic/Native/75% Native/50% Native/Custom
  • History Resolution - Automatic/Native/75% Native/50% Native/Custom
  • Render Resolution - Automatic/Native/75% Native/50% Native/Custom
  • Geometry Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Tessellation Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Shadow Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Volumetric Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Cloud Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Procedural Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High
  • Global Illumination Quality - Automatic/Ultra Low/Low/Medium/High/Ultra High


So Dirt 5 doesn't have a lot of graphics settings available to tweak, but at least each option available has a range of settings to choose from to optimize graphical fidelity and PC performance.

Final Resolution and Render Resolution essentially act as Resolution and Resolution Scale settings respectively, allowing you to set the game's resolution to 4K but the render resolution to 1080p if you want the sleek detail of 4K UI and such but with the performance of 1080p resolution in-game.

As for History Resolution, that seems to affect the game's Anti-Aliasing option (which is Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) by the way), which is... very different from how we normally see the implementation in other games. However, it does provide a level of customization for Anti-Aliasing that we haven't really seen before, which is nice at least.

It's also nice to see an Automatic option for each graphics setting, which seems to adjust to the best settings for your hardware rather than any dynamic settings like Dynamic Resolution Scaling.

As for the rest of the settings available, they're pretty standard options to let you tweak the game's image quality, like Shadows, Geometry, Clouds etc. And they can all be adjusted all the way from Ultra Low to Ultra High like the rest of them.

Overall, Dirt 5 doesn't have a lot of different graphics settings available to customize. However, each setting offers varying levels of quality to tweak performance as well as video fidelity, and the addition of Resolution Scaling is a welcomed one as always.

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