Counterplay Games, the developers of Godfall, recently released the official PC system requirements ahead of the game’s launch next week. The specs seemed to be pretty demanding, requiring a GTX 1060 and 12GB of RAM just for the minimum. However it was unclear what kind of setup would be needed for 4K Max graphics.

AMD recently released a video with Counterplay Games, which detailed the technical features in Godfall. In the video, the developers revealed that running Godfall at 4K resolution at Ultra graphics settings will require at least 12GB of video memory in order to play smoothly.

Remember when Nvidia said that they were carefully analyzing the market and regularly reviewing with game developers to check video memory requirements for current and upcoming games? And that 10GB of VRAM would be more than enough to play games at 4K Max settings since most games used only 4GB-6GB? Yes, well, so do I, and last time I checked 12 is bigger than 10. 

So yeah, looks like the RTX 3080 may very well struggle with this one, which brings up our old Up For Debate that asked whether 10GB of VRAM on the RTX 3080 is really enough and makes it all the more relevant.

In that Up For Debate, an overwhelming 225 of you voted that 10GB of VRAM would be enough for 4K gaming “most of time”, whilst 55 said that it would be “not enough”. Finally, when asked if 10GB of VRAM will limit performance substantially at 4K resolution, 192 of voted “yes” whilst 118 voted “no”. Is it maybe time to revisit that debate and see how we all feel about it?

What do you think? Are you excited for Godfall? Do you think 10GB of VRAM is still enough for 4K gaming for the next generation of games? And do you think it will limit performance on Godfall? Let us know your thoughts!

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