The recent release of Watch Dogs: Legion has had some mixed reception, acclaimed by critics for its gameplay and story, but criticized by players for its poor performance and optimization issues. Now another problem is plaguing the game: corrupted save files, and a fix won’t be coming until next week.

According to many users online, after attempting to quit the game sometimes Watch Dogs Legion will hang on a loading screen, which led to many users force quitting the game. Apparently this is where the bug occurs and corrupts your save file, and since WD Legion has only 1 save slot and no manual save options, this can potentially lose hours upon hours of progress for you.

Thankfully a fix is coming: “We’re aware some players are having difficulties and we’re looking to address these issues in an upcoming patch by November 9,” said a representative from Ubisoft in an email to the press. “We’ll have more information on the contents of the patch in the coming days.

So yeah, if you ever find yourself in the same situation where upon exiting you’ll be stuck on a loading screen, don’t force quit. Instead wait it out as many users report it will eventually save and exit to the main menu. However the timing can vary and could potentially take a very long time.

Instead, there are two fixes currently that a user suggested online that apparently works: the first of which is to disable the cloud service by starting Ubisoft Connect in Offline Mode, which will result in the loading screen hang lasting around 5 minutes Max.

The second option is for those already in the situation where they shouldn’t force quit. Instead, you should set the app affinity to use only 1 CPU Core. You can do this by opening Task Manager before force quitting the game, click on “details”, navigate to “WatchDogsLegion.exe”, right click and set the affinity to only 1 core from your CPU. Pick any one except CPU 0 and you should be good, just go back to the game now, quit the main menu, and it should quit without any issues.

What do you think? Have you experienced the corrupted save file issue? Did you try any of the fixes mentioned above? Did they work? And are there any other major issues that you have encountered in WD Legion? Let us know!