There’s been a couple phenomenons across the internet recently, with several small games skyrocketing to success thanks to their overwhelming popularity among content creators and streaming platforms. One of the biggest surprise hits was Phasmaphobia, a co-op horror experience that has taken Twitch by storm.

What’s even more incredible is that it’s developed by just one person. Kinetic Games is a one-man-band so to speak with ‘Dknighter’ at the helm, and whilst Phasmophobia is currently still in Early Access, they recently announced that the game will stay in Early Access for longer than planned due to it’s overwhelming success.

Essentially, as Dknighter puts it, “due to the game's popularity, everyone's expectations are increased,” and so they have felt the need to “reconsider” their original plans for the game’s future and take more time in fixing bugs and adding new content to Phasmophobia before releasing the full game.

The origin story of Dknighter and Phasmophobia is quite an interesting one as well, with the solo developer creating the project on their own with no prior training in game development. Since that was the case, Dknighter didn’t expect the game to be such an overwhelming success:

I was planning for the server capacity hitting a maximum of 500 players on launch day and it to drop off from there, as well as only aiming to make enough money to keep making more games. Now the game has over 2 million sales, with a player peak of around 90k.

The next update for Phasmophobia will apparently be focusing more on bug fixes than new content, so will be a “big stability and bug fix update,” but after that Dknighter plans to add much more content to the game.

What do you think? Have you been playing Phasmophobia? What improvements would you like to see? And what more content would you like to be added? Let us know!

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