Whether you have a PC, or prepping yourself to buy a next-gen console like the Xbox Series X, you have to admit this is a pretty great time for all gamers. Finally it looks like consoles are catching up to PC, and whilst nothing will ever come close to the metal boxes we keep under our desks, the metal boxes we keep under our TVs are certainly getting there.

With the launch of the Xbox Series X so close, and the recent release of Watch Dogs Legion on PC, nifty user on YouTube Cycu1 has another great comparison video for us, this time exploring the difference between ray tracing quality on PC with an RTX 3080 and the next-gen Xbox console.

Take it how you will, but it looks like the Xbox Series X is running at a slightly lower graphics setting compared to PC in terms of ray tracing quality. By our best guess (and with the help of others online) it looks like the XSX console will be running Watch Dogs Legion with ray tracing set to Medium quality.

Of course, that means the RTX 3080 is a pretty big beast when it comes to 4K and ray tracing performance, so if you’re lucky enough to get one of them then just know you’re getting a better experience than the new upcoming consoles (at least graphically speaking).

What do you think? Are you planning to get a next-gen console? Which one? And if so, how do you feel about these ray tracing graphics? Are you disappointed? Or excited? Let us know!