Dirt 5 is officially out today (though if you purchased the Amplified Edition you’ve already been playing it for the past few days), but the launch was plagued with performance issues and various bugs. Thankfully, Codemasters have released a day 1 patch update that says will improve performance as well as other additional changes.

Our PC performance benchmarks showed that Dirt 5 was pretty demanding even on modern hardware, and whilst we didn’t have any issues with crashes, we had a lot of issues running the game on AMD hardware (in fact, we couldn’t even run the game at all). Hopefully this new update will fix those problems.

Additionally, the new update adds an option to enable V-Sync as well as the ability to disable dynamic resolution scaling, which is interesting because it seemed like you already could disable it before and had no significant impact on frame rate. But this seemingly confirms that dynamic resolution was enabled beforehand without any option to turn it off.

With that said, let’s jump straight into the patch notes for Dirt 5’s day 1 update:

Dirt 5 day 1 update - patch notes

  • Multiple general performance improvements across the board, reducing instances of crashes, gameplay stuttering and FPS drops, further optimising general gameplay
  • Fix for crash caused by signing out during a Gymkhana event
  • Visual improvements to rain effects on windshield when using interior camera views
  • Display fix for rewards screen in post-race menu
  • Photo mode: minor fixes and optimisations
  • Multiplayer: improvements in kicking players in lobby who do not ready up for an event
  • V-Sync added
  • Added option to disable dynamic resolution

Codemasters also mentioned that they are using a feedback report system to help investigate issues with Dirt 5. If you would like to send anything you can issue a report here.

Lastly, Codemasters suggested that you should make sure your drivers are all up to date and that Windows has been updated to the latest version (1903), as well as adjusting the in-game video settings to work best for your own hardware configurations based on the official Dirt 5 PC system requirements.

What do you think? Have you been playing Dirt 5? Have you noticed better performance after this update? Let us know!

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"so V-sync is now a post launch feature?….every day we stray further from gods light…"
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