Controllers, they’re not exactly the most popular peripheral on PC as many players will bang on about the superior accuracy you get with a mouse and keyboard. But not all games are action shooters; driving games for instance feel much better on a gamepad controller than a typical mouse and keyboard setup (and of course a proper steering wheel peripheral but that’s much more niche and expensive).

It’s interesting then that one of the leading factors between purchasing either an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 may come down to the controller, as Sony’s ever-prevalent obsession with gimmicks is kind of paying off with the DualSense controller: a brand new way to further enhance your immersion within a game.

In a new trailer for Dirt 5 on the upcoming PS5, David Springate, the Technical Director on Dirt 5, explains how the DualSense’s technology helps to further increase that immersion into the recently released arcade racing game. Have a look for yourself:

It’s quite cool hearing the DualSense’s special features in action in games that have not been reported on yet. I heard too many times that pulling a bow would enable the adaptive triggers, adding some tension to the pull of a trigger. But never have I heard what that same technology would be like in a racer.

Maybe we should visit an Up For Debate on which controller you’ll be getting next for your PC… the new Xbox Series X controller? Or PlayStation 5’s?

So what do you think? Are you interested in the DualSense controller? Would you be willing to pick one up for your PC? Have you already tried it out? Let us know!

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