Controllers are a man’s best friend when it comes to gaming on consoles, I mean there’s literally no other way to play the games on there without one (or, at least used to be, as some games are now offering keyboard and mouse support). 

But controllers are also great on PC too when you want to play something that isn’t an action shooter and you don’t need those quick reflexes for those amazing flicks in games like Call of Duty or Rainbow Six: Siege. Racing games for instance benefit much more from using a controller over a mouse and keyboard setup like the recently released Dirt 5.

But there has been one reigning champion on the PC gamepad market: and that’s Xbox.

For the longest time I’ve been using an Xbox 360 controller as my go-to gamepad on PC, and then when the Xbox One released I got the newer Xbox One controller. I didn’t even bother looking up reviews for the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller as I just wanted to stick with what I knew, and what I knew worked for me.

But now the next-gen consoles are almost upon us, and Sony has brought out quite possibly one of the most interesting controllers to date, and that’s saying something since controllers aren’t usually advertised as immersion enhancing, or as a gaming peripheral that will act as an extension to your game. It’s just a small plastic thing that lets you press buttons and do the job.

The DualSense controller is shaking things up in the PC gamepad market, as now both options are equally viable: go with the classic Xbox controller that feels comfy and has dominated the market since forever, or the new snazzy PlayStation controller that does a cool rumble thing and has adaptive triggers and can even make noises on its own.

Of course, maybe that’s just a gimmick that won’t pay off… or maybe, just maybe, it could be the next big thing, and 20 years from now scholars will look back and say “wow, Sony was really ahead of the time…”

Or maybe not.

Maybe it’s not worth getting a next-gen controller just yet, and we should just stick to using our Xbox One controllers or DualShock 4’s since they’re doing just fine.

So what do you think? Is it time for Xbox’s reign over gamepad controllers on PC to end? Is the DualSense a legitimate evolution of the controller space by enhancing immersion? Or is it just a gimmick that won’t go very far and not worth the money? Let us know!

P.S: Vote in the polls below and let's see how many user controllers on PC and which ones they use! As a side note: the Xbox Series X controller is not yet out as a separate purchase before the console's launch, which is why it's missing in the polls below.

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