Take-Two Interactive’s quest for dominating the world of the sports video games industry is getting closer, as the company has officially finalized talks with Codemasters to acquire the racing game developer/publisher. Now whether you yourself class racing as an actual sport pales in comparison to the amount that Take-Two offered Codemasters for the deal: a massive $980 million.

We are exceedingly pleased to announce this recommended transaction with the Board of Codemasters,” said Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. The actual sale will most likely be finalized in Q1 2021, so until then this is just a formal agreement.

With a leading position in sports gaming, the Board of Codemasters firmly believes the Company will benefit from Take-Two’s broad capabilities which will help propel the long term success of Codemasters,” said the Chairman of Codemasters, Gerhard Florin.

Codemasters is most widely known for their Formula 1 racing series (most recently F1 2020), and the Dirt franchise which just recently launched the fifth mainline title with Dirt 5. Both IPs on their own are worth the major deal, and given Take-Two’s continued success in the sports games industry (however you feel about the recent controversies) will surely make them back a lot of money.

Unfortunately, given the controversies surrounding 2K’s questionable ethics around gambling in video games, hopefully we won't see the same issues transfer over to Dirt or F1, but hopes are not looking high on that front.

What do you think? Is this a good thing for Codemasters? Or will this be the downfall of their most popular franchises? And what games from Codemasters do you like the most? F1? Dirt? Or something else? Let us know!

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"Asking me to choose between Dirt and F1 is like asking me to choose between my left eye or my right eye."
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